”Greenbaum’s music; there's real poetry in it.”
Andrew Ford, 24 Hours

“His music draws in the listener (and performer) making them feel welcome and special. This is quite a talent.”
James Nightingale, Australian Clarinet & Saxophone

“Full of energy and emotion, haunting lyricism and dramatic effects,
that left the audience amazed.”

Anne Bovett, Taranaki Daily News

“A composer of considerable sophistication.”
Lindis Taylor, Middle C Classical Music Reviews

“9 Candles for Dark Nights is just as evocative as its title suggests.
The work's spacious undulations and gently clashing notes
had the audience riveted.”

Rosalind Appleby, The West Australian

“In the hands of the ACO, Stuart Greenbaum's gorgeously lyrical composition Moments of Falling was a concert highlight.”
Ingrid Piper, The Daily Telegraph

“Greenbaum’s Moments of Falling was astounding.
Like tiny balls of light swirling around an invisible sphere,
almost like the first breath of the constructed beauty of life.”

Thomas Boot, Time Out

“This CD reveals Greenbaum’s extraordinary talent as a composer who synthesizes a fountain of innovative ideas
that intrigue and captivate the listener.”

Claire Hu, Fine Music Magazine

“Melbourne composer Stuart Greenbaum’s chamber works,
like all the best art, is in the world but not of the world.”

Will Yeoman, Limelight magazine

“It is difficult to apply any sort of label to his music
other than to describe it as subtle, profound,
always approachable, with strong emotional impact.”

Gwen Bennett, The Music Trust

“A fascinating meld of all that is good from classical, jazz,
contemporary music. The Final Hour is beautiful, evocative, interesting
and the perfect accompaniment to an hour of meditating
on the meaning of life, music and everything.”

Kate Rockstrom, Readings Magazine

“The Final Hour is an album for our times, if ever there was one.
Utterly immersive...it really is a wonderful work.”

Mandy Stefanakis, Music Trust

“Beautifully sustained harmonic passages with intoxicating suspended chords, interspersed with intricately constructed melodic passages on shakuhachi. It’s beautifully written. Greenbaum’s maturity as a composer is on full display in this work.”
Mandy Stefanakis, Music Trust

“Evocative musical landscapes that take us from the bustle of suburban train stations to the loneliness of the endlessly open sea, from historical battlefields to the ‘Thin Blue Line’ of the album’s title track:
Earth’s ozone layer as seen from space.”


“Electric Confession takes rhythmic ideas from one place and interweaves it with melodic ideas, all built upon a harmonic resonance that can be recognised as Greenbaum’s singular style.”
Kate Rockstrom, Readings Magazine

“fresh, innovative, compelling and beautiful.”
Kate Rockstrom, Readings Magazine

“With Electric Confession, Stuart Greenbaum presents an existentially beautiful collection, urging us to listen and absorb, to learn and rejoice at the possibilities that great musicians gift us.”
Kevin Bonnett, Music Trust E-Zine