String Quartet No.8
once more around the sun (2023)
duration: 20’
GRT • 230

score soon available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
i. the presence of the past within us
ii. the boat
iii. once more around the sun

The first movement of this quartet was written for the funeral service of my father Geoffrey Greenbaum, who passed away on 15 April 2022 at the age of 88. Geoff was a wonderful father and a pioneering doctor and acupuncturist. The phrase ‘the presence of the past within us’ is self-explanatory. Two nights after the funeral service I had a vivid dream. We were on the coast somewhere and Geoff was not in the house. So I went looking for him. Someone had seen him down at the docks, so I ran there and saw a boat about to leave the pier. I could see Geoff lying down in the bow, on his side – eyes open and a faint smile. I couldn’t discern the two fishermen driving the boat, but I ran and grabbed onto the rail. It was leaving the pier and I had to either jump on board or let go. I let go. The following morning, I tried to capture that sense of urgency in a brief musical sketch. 9 months later in January 2023 I returned to it and completed ‘the boat’ along with a final movement, ‘once more around the sun’, reflecting the passage of time.