String Quartet No.3 (1999)
duration: 14’
GRT • 059

score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
This piece was conceived purely for self–contained musical ends. But mid–stream, the piece started to conjure up notions of desire and separation to me, and I allowed those thoughts to guide the completion of the piece. It is a personal retrospective. An opportunity to take stock of what I do and who I care for. The quartet was written without commission after a fallow period of about 8 months, and over June and July it offered ‘complete freedom’ to write whatever I cared.

Many thanks to Tania Hardy-Smith and the Tarraj Quartet for providing an opportunity to have the piece workshopped and performed. The piece is dedicated to my partner, Marianne Rothschild.

"The evening's premiere was of Stuart Greenbaum's String Quartet No.3 (1999), whose effective and well-balanced string writing aimed, according to its subtitle, to address Desire and Loyalty in an Age of Abandon. Rhythmical modulations and ostinati contributed to a successful sense of pace, ending with a sudden shift to a texture of glissandi and sputtering harmonics."
Jeff Pressing, The Age, December 1999