One Day
for female voice, vibraphone, and percussion
also for female voice, guitar and percussion (1994)

duration: 7’
text by Ross Baglin
GRT • 020 / 057

CD available
Jeannie Marsh (soprano), Ken Murray (guitar), Peter Neville (percussion)
Niche Records

score available from
Promethean Editions
Australian Music Centre

“The carefully crafted pop idiom of Stuart Greenbaum’s One Day creates a work of simple beauty.”
Catherine Threlfall, Boîte Winter Festival, 1999

One day threaded like a bead
Upon the string of years you came
One day, as rain resolved with speed
The puzzles on the window frame
One day when cat and dog agreed.

One day, stars upon our face
We watched the waves speed to the rocks
One day our bodies interlaced
In waves exploding as they locked
One day, together in the spray

One day is water in the vase
Or a key turned in the memory
One day as fragile as a rose
Bringing you back home to me.

One day standing in the gaze
Of your love's magnifying glass
One day I felt convergent rays
Smoke on the paper of my heart
One day and burn it quite away.


One day, with you
Turns smoke to dew
Fool's gold to rain
Grey thorn to bloom.

One day I saw stars suspend
As slow time turned in outer space
A pearly spider spinning sun -
And saw a prayer for your sweet face
In every silver chamber spun.