Sleepless in Overnight City
for soprano saxophone and fixed media (1994)
duration: 10’
GRT • 021

recording available
Electric Confession
Stuart Greenbaum
Salisbury Records 310721
Barry Cockcroft, soprano saxophone


Vimeo excerpt

score available from
Reed Music

program note
This piece is in 3 main sections. The first represents the pace of city life and the activity spilling out onto its streets and side–walks. The middle section is set well after midnight. Walking though the city alone, one peers up at a skyscraper and a lone office light is still turned on – a small square of light on a large dark tower. The city is virtually dormant but somebody is still up there working? Perhaps. This section includes an improvisational solo which is structured to lead back into the final section, dawn, which depicts the city coming back to life again.

"Barry Cockcroft's saxophone made an aggressive brace of outings, first in Stuart Greenbaum's Sleepless in Overnight City, where catchy, boppy outer segments framed an impassioned quasi-improvised middle..."
Clive O'Connell, The Age, May 1996

"Sleepless in Overnight City is in a popular style with catchy tunes, The varied styles within the work as well as the interest created by the improvisatory nature of the work make it especially interesting for both the performer and the audience."
James Nightingale, Australian Clarinet and Saxophone, September 1998

“Throughout Sleepless in Overnight City, Barry Cockcroft dances above multi layered keyboards and percussion that shifts through thematic explorations with impervious improvisations. There is a substantial languid middle section of repose and reflection before a brief restatement of its original themes.”
Kevin Bonnett, Music Trust E-Zine, November 2023