Octennial Song
for solo saxophone (2003)
duration: 3’
GRT • 104


CD available
Barry Cockcroft, soprano saxophone
Reed Music

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Reed Music

program note
Octennial Song was written by the composer to celebrate his union with Marianne Rothschild on October 10, 2003. The day of the wedding was also their 8–year anniversary, which explains the title (‘octennial’ pertaining to a period of eight years). The piece received its first hearing during the signing of the register in the ‘Elizabeth Room’ in Lonsdale St. Melbourne under the auspices of the Victorian Register of Civil Marriages. It was performed by Barry Cockcroft on a soprano saxophone (for which it was originally conceived), though it may be played on any saxophone in a spirit of radiant hapiness.

“This CD, devoted entirely to the music of Stuart Greenbaum is a treat for lovers of Australian classical music. The effect is direct, warm and affectionate all at once. The Octennial Song is a short piece for solo soprano saxophone. The miniature piece is in ternary form, the outer sections being more disjointed than the middle section, which moves in a singing waltz. Too often the soprano saxophone can sound like the ugly duckling, here Cockcroft, using Greenbaum’s piece, shows us that there is a swan inside just dying to get out. The music draws in the listener (and performer) making them feel welcome and special. This is quite a talent. I highly recommend this CD.”
James Nightingale, Australian Clarinet & Saxophone Vol 8-4, December 2005