Clockwork Lemon
for solo snare drum + hi–hat (2007)
duration: 6’
GRT • 130


CD available
Claire Edwardes

Tall Poppies

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program note
This piece is an exploration of rhythmic ratios. Some of these, like 2:3, are standard syncopations but others, such as 5:8, are quite unusual and even sound somewhat ‘wrong’. This is the ‘lemon’ factor. The irony is that in order to capture this essence of ‘wrong’ they have to be played with clockwork precision, hence the title 'Clockwork Lemon’. Of course, it is also a playful reference to the film, A Clockwork Orange, directed by the late Stanley Kubrick.

This piece for solo snare drum and hi–hat was commissioned by Lyn, Tim and Kris Edward as a test piece for the MSO snare drum award coordinated by Robert Cossom.

“A major highlight of the evening was the premiere of a specially commissioned test piece Clockwork Lemon by local composer, Stuart Greenbaum. Friends’ members and Patrons Lyn, Tim and son Chris Edward sponsored the work. All finalists were required to perform Clockwork Lemon. It was a most interesting experience to hear this work receive four quite different but equally legitimate interpretations virtually side by side. Clockwork Lemon is a technically demanding but at the same time highly accessible work for an audience. It deserves a continuing place in the snare drum repertoire.”
David Storer, In Tune, September 2008

“Stuart Greenbaum’s Clockwork Lemon written solely fro snare drum and hi-hat explores 2/3 and 5/8 rhythms and is naturally a playful reference to the film Clockwork Orange.”
Emyr Evans, Fine Music Magazine, November 2013

“Stuart Greenbaum’s Clockwork Lemon, for snare drum and hi-hat, explores rhythmic ratios, and is played with clockwork precision.”
Barry Walmsley,, December 2013

“Stuart Greenbaum’s Clockwork Lemon (2007) represents a return to the album’s idea of composing using a limited sonic palette, in this case only snare drum and high hat. The work effectively combines new music and jazz groove ideas.”
Michael Hannan, The Music Trust, September 2014

“There are old and new friends to be found in Edwardes’ excellent recital. One’s theme consists of works requiring a modest setup, several of which were written for Edwardes. Alvarez requires only maracas, Greenbaum a snare drum and hi-hat.
Clockwork Lemon for snare and hi-hat, suggesting a Kubrick film, is about how precisely executed rhythms can sound wrong.”
Grant Chu Covell, La Folia (USA), February 2015