For Ever
for two pianos (2000)
duration: 4’
GRT • 066

recording available
Patrick Lawrence, Hildy Essex (pianos)
Reed Music


score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
The title of this piece deliberately separates ‘forever’ into its two constituent parts: not because the meaning is radically different, but to underline its implications. We use the word in phrases like ‘forever and a day’ which is, of course, a contradiction of terms. What do we really mean when we refer to something or someone for eternity?

Musically, the piece attempts to exploit a 'stereo' effect of two pianos, both in conventionally antiphonal phrases, where one piano clearly answers the other, but also in closely dovetailed hocket relationship. In addition to this, the piece has other musical challenges for the 'ensemble', including non-aligned barlines which still share a common pulse.

The piece was commissioned by MLC school, Sydney for its Australian Music Weekend, and received its official premiere in Sofia, Bulgaria for the 5th international ppIANISSIMO festival in March 2001.