Equator Loops
for solo piano (1999/2000)
duration: 6’
GRT • 076


recordings available
Satellite Mapping
Complete works for solo piano (1989–2014)
Amir Farid
Move Records, MD3402, 2016

800 Million Heartbeats
Sarah Watkins

ABC Classics

CD+score available
Firestarters II
Emma Sayers
Promethean Editions

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Promethean Editions

program note
The title of this piece refers to the use of contrary motion, which defines its thematic material. The 'loops’ gradually expand but always return to the ‘equator’ (the central tone of ‘D’). The title is a slight play on John Adams’ Shaker Loops, which itself was also a play on words. The overall musical structure of modal alternation is based on Arvo Pärt’s Te Deum (which I analysed for my PhD thesis) and Equator Loops is accordingly dedicated to Pärt.

“Equator Loops is a subtle work, inspired by the music of Arvo Pärt. Its static, meditative harmonies recall Pärt’s emotional impact whilst not being in any way an imitation. It is a totally individualistic expression from Greenbaum. Based on a tonal centre, the piano makes an alluring series of ornamented forays away and back. In this gem, which must be a delight for any pianist, Sarah Watkins gives a sensitive, committed interpretation.”
Gwen Bennett, The Music Trust, December 2015

“Disc 2 begins with Equator Loops, a set of variations radiating our from a central D...Greenbaum asks for unabashed virtuosic playing, the concluding loops in particular wide-ranging.”
Clive O’Connell, O’Connell the Music, August, 2016