a Pastel for Astor
for piano trio (2011)
duration: 3’
GRT • 153

score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
This brief bon-bon was originally sketched in November 2000 as a belated homage to Argentine composer Ástor Piazzolla who died in 1992. Over a decade later I re-scored this version for piano trio at the invitation of Caroline Almonte and The Sutherland Trio.

Piazzolla eschewed the idea of the tortured composer: “I’m a happy guy”. On this basis alone, he should be my hero. But I am, of course, also influenced by his music, for its pungent, original combination of tango and classical forms. Some of that is overtly present in this minor ‘pastel’ which may also be played alongside any of Piazzolla’s works or perhaps performed as an encore.