An Arc of Love
for choir SATB (2005)
duration: 6’
text by Ross Baglin
GRT • 116

CD available
Australian Contemporary Chorale, Hildy Essex (cond.)

score available from
Australian Music Centre

for Stu and Marianne, Oct 10 2003

In frames across a favourite shelf, the leaves
Of photographic plate reveal the life ;  
A glance may sequence what time took an age
To tell ; here is the cradle after the birth,
There joy on a swing, some trusted hand
Propelling your discovery
Of our bird-like wish to fly and be free ;

And so, let incidental hands applaud
Today the union of promises, free hearts
Encircled with intent and imaged now
In pure words that compose a vow -
Such words as “you”, and “please” and “yes”
Our selves must reach for, when they bless.

Photos will fade, and promises,
Like children, grow up hard to please
When actions roar, and words
Resigned to interruption, stand aside -
Yet when all’s quiet, may what’s pledged
In ceremony’s hand remain enough
To hold the swing in check, or make it move
Forever in an arc of love.