photo: Pia Johnson

The Stuart Greenbaum sound has overt connections to jazz, pop and minimalism but is equally grounded in the Western art music tradition.

“I hear music in time as a journey. Often this involves viewing our home planet Earth from a distance and considering our place in the universe. I gravitate toward remote and abandoned places on Earth or beyond as a metaphor. We can experience loneliness in the midst of a crowded room, yet also sense connection in extreme isolated places.

These journeys are ultimately motivated by questions of identity; of who we are, where we came from, why we seek to explore the unfamiliar and how we might consider our contemporary lives.

I seek elation and consolation. My music aims to evoke an atmosphere apart from the routine of modern life. I believe in the need to allow space in a world increasingly filled with commercialism, light and noise pollution and 24/7 thinking. At times, I think we lose a sense of wonderment at our Earthly surrounds.

Therefore, when I write, I seek an experience in sound to take me beyond everyday imperatives.”