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The Final Hour
Stuart Greenbaum
Lyrebird Productions, LB051218

The Thin Blue Line
Ken Murray plays the solo guitar music of Stuart Greenbaum
Lyrebird Productions, LB151217
ABC Classics, digital, 2018

Return Journey
Ensemble Three plays Sonatas by Stuart Greenbaum
Lyrebird Productions, LB061116
ABC Classics, digital, 2018

Satellite Mapping
Amir Farid
Move Records, MD3402, 2016
Complete works for solo piano (1989–2014)

Mondrian Interiors
Jessica Fotinos, ANAM
ABC Classics, digital, 2015
Mondrian Interiors, Four finalities, 9 Candles for Dark Nights

800 Million Heartbeats
NZTrio plays the music of Stuart Greenbaum
ABC Classics ABC 481 0504, 2013
800 Million Heartbeats, Falling by Degrees, Equator Loops, The Year Without a Summer, The Lake and the Hinterland, Lunar Orbit, Scarborough Variations, Book of Departures

Cairns, Cockcroft, Essex, Lawrence, Pinto, Riddle, Rothschild
Reed Music, RM099, 2005
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano
Sonata for Violin and Piano / Three Songs of Sleep / For Ever
Life Cycles / Octennial Song / Four Thoughts

Music for Theatre
Stuart Greenbaum, various artists
Playbox, PB001, 1992
Moments of Falling / Agnus Dei / more...

Bushfire Dreams
Ormond String Quartet
Tall Poppies, TP263, 2019
String Quartet No.7

Classical Chill Guitar
Ken Murray
ABC Classics, ABC 481 7758, 2019
Sonata for Guitar, III. Elated

Collective Wisdom
ACO Collective
ABC Classics, ABC 481 7374, 2018
The Rotation of the Earth

481 7624 Classic Getaway-2018
Classic Getaway
ACO Collective
ABC Classics, ABC 481 7624, 2018
The Rotation of the Earth

Duo Histoire
Independent, 191924144908, 2017
Cloud Eight

Claire Edwards
ABC Classics, ABC 481 4828, 2017

Two Interludes in Space

Chi’s Cakewalk
Jason Noble, clarinets
Independent, 2017

Mondrian Interiors (yellow lines)

Four Hands
Viney Grinberg Piano Duo
ABC Classics, ABC 481 4591, 2016
Sonata for Piano, 4–Hands

Continental Drift
Lachlan Dent,
Move Records, MD3403, 2016
Lunar Orbit

Tall Poppies, TP236, 2015

The Sky is Melting
Marianne Rothschild, Glenn Riddle
Move Records, MD505, 2014
Occasional Pieces

The Magic Island
TSO / Ben Northey
Hush Hush013, 2013
City Lights, a Mile Up

Ian Holtham
Tall Poppies, TP227, 2013
The Petrarch Ascension, Schubert: 1828, an introspection

Claire Edwardes
Tall Poppies, TP223, 2013
Clockwork Lemon

Full Circle
Eric Klay
Independent, 2012
In Transit (view from a window)

Claire Edwardes
Tall Poppies, TP215, 2011
April Revisited

Tunes for Mademoiselle
John Martin
Wirripang, Wirr034, 2010
New Roads, Old Destinations

Brent Miller
Rhythmscape, CD201, 2010
Clockwork Lemon

The Metallic Violins
James Cuddeford and Natsuko Yoshimoto
Tall Poppies, TP207, 2009
Danny Boy Variations

Veiled Virtuosity
Amir Farid
Move Records, MD3331, 2009

The Studio Album
Melbourne University Big Band
Independent, 2009
Vodka Meets a Martini

Cloud Eight
Jane Rayner and Peter Lynch
Leatham Music, lr0001, 2008
Cloud Eight

100 Years, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra,
A Celebration in Music

MSO, Brett Kelly, Vol.8 Popular Classics (disc 10)
ABC Classics, 4766329, 2007
90 Minutes Circling the Earth

Crazy Logic
Romp Duo
Reed Music, RM333, 2006
3 Places for a New Millenium

Romp Duo
Reed Music, RM332, 2006
The Lake and the Hinterland

Barrie Webb
MPS (UK), MPSCD016, 2006
In Transit (view from a window)

Gerard McChrystal, Craig Ogden
Meridian Records (UK), CDE84546, 2006
Cloud Eight

Jo-Wha (oneness)
Diana Blom
Wirripang, WIRR004, 2006
First Light

Australian Contemporary Chorale, Hildy Essex
ACC, ACC001, 2006
An Arc of Love

Infinite Heartbeat
Duo Sol
ABC Classics, ABC 476 087-2, 2003
The Infinite Heartbeat

Giants in the Land
Ian Holtham
Move Records, MD3239, 2002
But I Want the Harmonica / New Roads, Old Destinations

New Roads, Old Destinations
Independent, K311262, 2001
New Roads, Old Destinations II

Continuum Saxophone Quartet
Reed Music, CSAX01, 2001
Five of one, Half a Dozen of the Other...?

James Nightingale, Kerry Yong
JLN Productions, JLN200-01, 2000
Noyz in th' 'Hood II

Beat Me
Barry Cockcroft
Reed Music, RM020, 1999
Sleepless in Overnight City / Noyz in th' Hood II / Big Lighthouse

Linda Thompson, Deviani Segal
Move Records, MCD142, 1999
Lullaby from Nelson

But I Want the Harmonica
Jeanell Carrigan
Vox Australis, VAST023-2, 1998
But I Want the Harmonica

First Light
Yvonne Lau
Fellowship of Australian Composers, FAC98-1, 1998
First Light / The Moon

Jeannie Marsh, Ken Murray, Peter Neville
Niche Records, DEXCD3477, 1998
One Day

Between Earth and Air
Ken Murray
The Classical Recording Company (UK), CRC-699-2, 1997
Fairfield Days / Polar Wandering

Australian Piano Miniatures
Michael Kieran Harvey
Red House, RH064, 1996
Portrait and Blues Hymn

Greenbaum Hindson Peterson
Rodney Lovenfosse, Glenn Riddle
Independent, GHP9501, 1995
An Angel Bowed Backward / Ice Man

The Green CD
The Song Company, Roland Peelman
Tall Poppies, TP064, 1995
Upon the Dark Water