Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (2015)
duration: 20’
GRT • 183

score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
I. journey to Mars: 6 to 8 months
interlude: the surface
return journey

Sonata for Trumpet and Piano is written for my colleague Joel Brennan. It is the 8th in a series of sonatas undertaken in the new millennium. Written for trumpet in C the work is cast in two programmatic movements – ‘journey to Mars: 6 – 8 months’ and ‘return journey’. These are separated by a brief interlude for solo piano – ‘the surface’. The Mars One program is notably a one-way mission, whereas NASA’s planned Orion spacecraft would bring the crew back to Earth. As with all journeys, venturing out somewhere new has a different emotional psychology to the return journey and I have sought to reflect that in this work. The premiere performance was given by Joel Brennan with Konrad Olszewski in Melba Hall on 6 November 2016.