Sonata for Double Bass and Piano
‘Continental Drift’
duration: 22’
GRT • 193

score available from
Australian Music Centre

program note
I. 4.4 billion years ago – Molten Earth
3.8 billion years ago – Oceans cover the planet
III. 2.2 billion years ago – First Ice Age
105 million years ago – Green Earth
Our Earth Today
100 million years on – Future Earth

This Sonata for Double Bass and Piano is written for ANAM as part of the Greenbaum Sonata Project (low string sonatas). Commissioned by the Music Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, it is the 10th in a series of sonatas undertaken in the new millennium. The Melbourne Museum has a display of 6 spinning globes showing the state of the planet from over 4 billion years ago through to futuristic prediction of continental drift 100 million years hence. This work is in 6 movements, providing a musical reflection of our planetary evolution.