Polar Wandering
for solo guitar (1993/97)
duration: 3’
GRT • 042

CD available
Between Earth and Air
Ken Murray, guitar
Classical Recording Company

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score available from
Red House Editions

program note
"So–called polar wandering (in which the earth's axis actually remains fixed in its direction in space while the earth's matter moves around it – like a toffee-apple on a stick) may have brought on the ice ages by reducing the earth's energy intake: by changing dark, heat–absorbent areas of the land into snow–covered, reflective areas. As long as the poles were at sea in the Atlantic and Pacific, their ice–packs must have been held in check by the moderating warmth and dispersing currents of the ocean. But when Antarctica, Canada, Siberia and Greenland turned frosty white, the earth must have taken in less of the sun's heat every year, and gradually the whole earth, including the heat reservoir of the oceans, must have grown colder."