April Revisited
for solo marimba (2010)
duration: 2’
GRT • 147


CD available
Claire Edwardes, marimba
Tall Poppies

score available from

program note
April Revisited was written especially for Claire Edwardes. Based on an earlier piano solo written to celebrate the wedding of a friend, this new piece exploits the deep sonorous warmth of the 5–octave marimba. We workshopped a draft of the piece over the phone and I first heard Claire play the final version live at the Woodend Winter Arts Festival in June 2010.

“The local standouts for me include Stuart Greenbaum's breezy vignette”
Julian Day, Limelight, November 2011

“Stuart greenbaum’s April Revisited showcases many of his interests in jazz and pop, in particular with cyclic chord progressions drawn from these sound worlds. However, Greenbaum is able to draw immense warmth from his harmonic palette. His knowledge of the instrument he is writing for is displayed well in this work.”
Houston Dunleavy, Music Forum, November 2012