300 Kilometres Above
for symphonic wind orchestra (2008)
picc. 6fl. 2ob. 9cl, bcl. 2bsn, 2as, ts, bs,, timp+4
duration: 4’
GRT • 137

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score available from
Reed Music

program note
The title of this piece refers to the height at which spacecraft orbit the Earth, and by extension what the planet looks like from up there. Pictures of Earth taken from space certainly conjure feelings of majestic elation to my mind and I have attempted to capture that feeling in this piece of music. 300 Kilometres Above was written as a companion piece to 90 Minutes Circling the Earth, which I wrote around 10 years earlier. I think the two pieces have something on common despite being written a decade apart. This newer meditation was commissioned by Reed Music with assistance from the Music Board of the Australia Council for the Arts.