Three Places for a New Millennium
for alto saxophone [or clarinet] and piano (2006)
duration: 7’
GRT • 123

CD available
Crazy Logic
Romp Duo: Barry Cockcroft (alto saxophone), Adam Pinto (piano)
Reed Music

score available from
Reed Music

program note
1: in orbit
This was written wondering what it would be like to see the Earth from space. It also serves as a hymn to the technology of satellites that increasingly connect our humble human communications.

2: departure lounge
Most commonly, this is at an airport. When travelling alone, this can be a place to contemplate the state of one’s existence while trying to find the right angle to perch one’s hand luggage as a foot stool. But this can also be at a train station – and Sydney Central boasts a (very) modest lounge for travellers waiting for the night train to Melbourne.

3: in traffic
Statistics bear out that lane–swapping in heavy traffic to maximise time and position is mostly a waste of time and dangerous into the bargain. What’s worse is nipping into the fast lane on a slight opening, only for it to become the slow lane. My advice? Take the bike or public transport.